Yup. We went to Australia. I’ve wanted to go since I saw a video in world history class in Jr. high. It was one of the biggest positives to moving here, all the traveling we hope to do. We went to Cairns (northern Australia) for 4 days. (I did this post over a period of time and the photos locked up so that’s why they are in a line and then a group. But I did it! And these are just some of the photos from my phone. There’s still Brandon’s camera.)


Our first morning (you have to fly overnight to get here) we wandered down the street to find a place to get breakfast. We found a cute little bakery that was so yummy!!


Then we took a tour to the Cairns Tropical Zoo for the day. It was really cool! Sophie found this kangaroo full of bags with food to feed the kangaroos. The workers were so nice and let the kids each have a bag for free.


They had a lot of these cutouts. We had to pose in all of them. 🙂


We went to see the snake show and guess who’s sitting in front of us? Our neighbors from down the street!


Christopher had so much fun feeding the kangaroos. They were everywhere!


Silly boy!!


There he is again!


One more time! 🙂


Sophie taking a turn feeding the roos.


Then it was off to see the crocodiles.


It got Sophie!!


These things were huge.


Did not want to mess with them!


I don’t remember the name of this one, but he was massive! When we went back for the show, we couldn’t believe how close the guy would get to it!


This little monkey was in the restaurant area when we stopped for lunch. I read the sign and laughed because I’m not sure how I would feel if someone had to write 3-5 sentences about me if I would want that info to be that I could pass larger seeds through my gut than a Chimpanzee can.


Pretty peacock!!


Christopher and I took a thumbs up photo every day.


Waiting for the tropical bird show…


We had to wait a while…


But we passed the time just fine. 🙂


Instead of getting dropped off at our hotel we asked the bus driver if he would take us to the mall instead and we could walk back. Can you tell how excited Christopher was about seeing Target? 🙂 Well, we were quickly disappointed because it’s not like the Targets in the states. it reminded me a little more of a Kmart. We left with nothing.


The next day we took a huge tour where we started at a train station and rode a train up the mountain.


Christopher was really excited!


However, he was not so excited about taking a thumbs up photo today.


But daddy and Sophie were!!


There we go!


Part of the beautiful waterfall we saw on the ride up…


and the rest of it. The water falls were beautiful!


Unfortunately it was a rainy day when we did this tour, so we didn’t get to see everything due to the clouds that hovered. The rain was the only downside to our trip. It only poured one day, but it drizzled the others.


Another waterfall, but it was starting to rain more and I didn’t want to ruin my phone trying to get a better photo.


One of the stops we made had a butterfly sanctuary. Sophie LOVED it!! Here she and Brandon are watching the butterflies eat.


I always love these too. 🙂


You can go into another building and see where they take care of the cocoons. I don’t know if you can see it, but on the bottom of the leaf is a HUGE caterpillar. These ladies swap out the leaves in the bottles and move the caterpillars to a new bunch to eat.

 We had a great trip and I still can’t believe we went. It was so short and kind of all planned at the last minute, but totally worth it. Next time we want to go for longer and visit Sydney. We’ve been told you need at least 2 weeks to see Australia and enjoy it, but we didn’t have that ability this time. Can’t wait to go back!!


One thought on “Australia!!!!

  1. Oh my goodness Brittny! How amazing!!!!!! You definitely need an album printed of JUST your trip to Austrailia! How awesome!!!!!! Cannot wait to see yall soon!!!!!

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