March ’13

March was a busy month again. I’m still trying to figure out how to balance after school activities and play dates and homework (not that we have much) and mostly dinners. Everything either starts or ends at 6:00 and I’ve yet to have dinner just roll out onto the table. But we are still having fun and love living here. I guess the biggest thing that has happened is that we have decided to start the adoption process. We’ve talked about doing it for years, but the time has never been right. The kids are super excited about it, ask questions about it and can’t wait to have another sibling. It’s precious!! Now, on to the photos for the month (it put them backwards, so the first of the month is at the bottom and since there are 49 photos I’m not starting over):

Brandon and Sophie washing his jeep one last time. We decided to sell it because it wasn’t working for a family of 4 like we needed it to.


The amazing bakery we went to one Saturday morning and the incredible doughnuts we bought. Eat your heart out Krispy Kreme!



I met some friends one morning to walk Sanders Slope. It is over 2 miles straight up. My extent of working out has been running a mile a couple times a week in a gym with a/c. And not every week. I was nervous about whether or not I would be able to do it since I would be pushing Sophie in a stroller. We did it, Sophie walked part of it herself and it was wonderful to get to visit with these sweet ladies. I was exhausted and sore the rest of the day and had some painful shin splints, but I hope to do it again next year when Sophie is in school all day so I don’t have to use a stroller.


(the view walking up)


(the view driving down. we start at the water and walk up from there)


(Sophie sticking Minnie’s head out the window on the drive down Sander’s Slope)

Christopher decided one day that he was going to build a Lego Star Wars museum. It was so cute! He even gave us a tour.


We went to the local flea market one Saturday morning. It was just like any other flea market you would go to, but dirtier. You could by anything from plants to fruits/vegetables to clothes to toys to bras. We didn’t buy anything, but now we know where to buy fish that are sometimes still moving in a bag, if we want one.



The kids school had a Family Movie Night recently and they showed two different movies in two different rooms. Our kids wanted to see Wreck It Ralph, of course, and loved it. It was our third time seeing it. 🙂


I was able to go on a field trip with Christopher’s class to the southern part of the island to learn about how the Chamorro people lived many years ago. It was so neat to learn how they made rope, got salt from the ocean water, used every single part of the coconut tree (including the roots), cooked food, etc. We ate lunch outside by the water and then the kids played some games. I was so glad that I was able to go and have that time with him.


(this family lived in a tiny house together when it was built.)


(this is the way they made rope. you put three strands on the end where the man is standing and Ms. Rose, our tour guide, rotated the three strands on her end twisting the strands together.)


(the pot they boil the salt water in for hour in order to get salt to cook with)


(Ms. Rose passing around fresh coconut)


(Ms. Rose talking about how to open a coconut and the ways you can use it)


(Christopher and I on the bus riding down to Gef Pago village)

Sophie has decided that she needs to learn how to read. The thing with her is that she decides when she wants to do things and we are never ready. She wants to do it now and doesn’t care if we aren’t. It’s great that she is so determined and wants things so badly, so we are just trying to take advantage of that and steer it in the right direction.


Sophie being silly.


Christopher’s cub scout group took a tour of the Navy section of our base one night. They had so much fun exploring around.




We had Christopher’s birthday party at the bowling alley on base one Sunday afternoon. We kept it small and the kids had a great time bowling, dancing and having pizza/cake.







Christopher and I had a date night after his birthday. He got money for his birthday and we drove down to the Navy base so he could go find some Lego Star Wars to spend it on. He also bought these two little planes. We ate in the food court because he couldn’t wait to get home to start putting together his Legos. 🙂


Christopher reading to Sophie one night. They do have their moments of love. They are getting fewer and farther between, but at least they are still there. 🙂


We headed to the park one afternoon and Christopher needed the stroller. Why you ask???


To push his new snap together Star Wars ship of course! He didn’t want to drop and break it.


Christopher was so excited to get Legos from family for his birthday!


Christopher loved the Star Wars plane/figured that Sophie picked out weeks earlier for his birthday. 🙂


The boy loves his Legos!!! Happy birthday, little man!!!


How I found Sophie sleeping one morning. This girl loves her sleep! She doesn’t stop all day, but when she goes to bed at night she is out cold. The teen years are going to be tough.


Sophie dressed up as “fashion mom” one night. She will pick out your clothes and fix your hair.


The kids school had Family Reading Night one Friday night and they loved it! The 3rd grade acting group put on a skit and then teachers were in different rooms doing different things. Christopher’s teacher had a reading/drawing room and he helped read a story to everyone. It was so fun for us to go around and see all the things that go on at the school.


(Brandon and the kids trying to draw Mo Willams characters)


(Mrs. Rhodes – C’s teacher, showing everyone how to draw the characters in Mo Willams books.)

Brandon finally found some good watermelon at the commissary. He bought two and we ate them at soccer practice. He and Sophie went back and bought 3 more. It was $20 for all these watermelons and I put them next to this bottle so you could see just how small they actually are.


Christopher’s soccer team with Sophie, the team mascot according to his coach, in front of a jet on base.


When things tend to run out quickly at your grocery store you buy in bulk when you catch them after being restocked.


Christopher ready for crazy sock/shoe day at school.


We had a friend, Lindsay, that was deployed here. We had her over for dinner on her birthday. The kids were so excited to buy her balloons and they each picked out a card for her. Of course they were kid cards. She was awesome and loved it!



There is so much to say and sometimes no words to describe her. She is too much sometimes. 🙂


Brandon filled up the kids pool one afternoon so they could splash around some. The base pool has so many rules it’s kind of annoying to even go. But it’s free and kills time so we go every now and then.


 Christopher at the weigh in for his pinewood derby car. He was so proud and knew exactly what he wanted to do.




One thought on “March ’13

  1. What great memories/experiences you are colllecting on your “island adventure”! Just a side note, I believe that was Minnie hanging out the window?

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