And there goes February!

I really thought I would post weekly. I guess making sure I post monthly is better than never posting at all! It was another busy month around here. It’s great that the kids have an activity every day after school, since we have almost an entire day to kill when they get home, but sometimes it would be nice to just hang out and not have to leave. We took a few nights off this week because we were all just too tired. When your child who normally refuses to go to bed at night asks if he can go to bed before supper you know you need a night off. I have more photos to share, but they are on Brandon’s computer, so I will have to post those later. Enjoy!


One thought on “And there goes February!

  1. B!!!! I am so happy to catch up on your blog!!! Between Kyle’s work schedule, my work schedule, having 3 children and no computer hardly anymore I feel so out of touch but y’all all look like you are having such a good time:). I Lve all the pics! P.s. I had a dream you were pregnant…

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