Rota Walk ’12 and a performance

We live on a wonderful street. Some run away from it, and we did when we heard about it, then we saw the house, saw the view and decided to embrace it. We also thought it might make living here a little more fun. We live on the street where everyone (as in hundreds) come to trick or treat and to see Christmas lights. Some have a theme and some don’t. Some pass out treats and some don’t. You are free to do as much or as little as you’d like, but you know moving in that you have to participate. Since we moved here the week before Halloween we didn’t do anything except buy candy. And we had to rush to get Christmas together (shipping takes FOREVER with Oriental Trading, the best place to buy bulk) and the stores run out of decorations fairly quickly. I originally thought we’d go with a winter wonderland theme because snowflakes, if we could find any, could stack easily and I loved white lights. But after talking with Brandon’s mom, she said, “Why don’t you use your kayak and go with a Hawaiian theme?” Well, as soon as we heard that we were sold. We headed to Home Depot and couldn’t believe it when we found a pair of light up flamingos dressed for Christmas. We grabbed a blow up Santa and as many colored lights as we could. We searched online to see where we could get a lot of plastic flamingos and threw a couple more things in the online cart and had it shipped to my in-laws who then shipped it to us. It was a lot of work, mostly because we have never decorated the outside of our house before, but it was totally worth it and now we know what to do for next year and it won’t take nearly as long. I really wish the photos had turned out better, but the little flapping flamingos in the yard were awesome and also too small to show up in the whole picture. And Christmas lights just don’t photo well at night. You just have to take our word when we say the whole street looked amazing and the kids had a blast!! I can’t wait for next year!! And poor Brandon is probably dreading it, he worked SO hard and I can’t thank him enough for all the work he put into it.


For three days leading up to Rota Walk the wind was insane. It was steady at around 25 mph and never let up. The above photo is the same shot as the photo on the top of our blog. You can barely see the water in this one though. We normally have “sea air” leaving it’s mark on your car, but these few days it was worse. And you could see the direction the wind was blowing in because the front and right side of my van was so much dirtier than the rest of it. I had to clean my windshield just so I could see clearly to drive that day. The photo below also shows the strong winds because normally the palm trees are perfectly round on top. I was laughing when I came home because one of the trees had a branch that was wrapped around a light pole like it was hanging on for dear life.


Here is the front of our house that night. It started raining about 2 hours before Rota Walk was supposed to start so everyone was nervous. The year before apparently it poured a LOT and thankfully this year it was much shorter.


Here is the view of our street from out house.


Here is the cutout that Brandon had made for people to take their photo in. And yes, Sophie looks like she’s falling out, but she’s heavy now! I swear she has grown two inches since we got here!


Here is Sophie at the cutout across the street. There are supposed to be gifts flying out the back, but the sind had blown them back in when I took the photo.


Here’s an attempt at a crowd shot. All I had was my phone, so it wasn’t great.


One of the houses at the top of the street (where the General and some other “more important than us” people live) had a live nativity scene. IMG_0352

Another house had Photo Booth there and so we could take some fun pics together as a family. The kids (by that I mean Christopher) got into it more than I thought they would. It was so fun!




Last week, Sophie’s preschool had their winter performance. Imagine 120+ preschoolers dressed as either a snowman, Christmas tree or a reindeer belting out about 6-7 carols. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen! I got there early and parked myself on the front row. Then I went and grabbed Christopher out of his class so he could keep me company. And to help take pictures and video. IMG_4074

Here’s Miss Priss dressed as a snowman. Her class had to wear a white shirt and denim bottom. The teachers had made these cute little hats with their names on them and they had a paper scarf to wear. He hat fell backwards in this pic, but it was the only one that didn’t show all the other kids and their names, which I thought the parents might appreciate. All I have left are videos and I’m hoping to figure out how to post one on here. Seriously, the cutest thing you have ever seen!!

IMG_4075 Well, it’s Christmas Eve and we are trying to get the kids down, correction, Sophie. Christopher put himself to bed! Goodnight and Merry Christmas!!!!


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