A busy week

Last week was the busiest week we have had since we moved here. Monday was a holiday and the school had parent/teacher conferences most of the week. Christopher went a full day on Tuesday, was out by 10:45 the rest of the week and Sophie didn’t have school at all! I also had a Pampered Chef party, Bible study and MOPS three of those mornings with only about 45 minutes to kill before having to pick up Christopher. So, I honestly didn’t have time to do a post until now and didn’t think I had any photos to show you either. I should be going to bed, so this post may be happening over several days. It turns out that I did take a few pics with my phone so I will post those for you to see. Here goes!

At our MOPS meeting at the end of October, one of the moms told us about how her family makes a thankful tree every year. Her girls are now young teens and still make sure they do it every year. She even gave each of us a hand out explaining how she did it and had templates of pretty leaves we could trace. Of course I lost that piece of paper and so I had to wing it. I also only had a tiny window one day to cut it all out and enlisted Sophie to help me. The kids have had so much fun writing on their leaves (which were hand-drawn, very loosely, but hey, leaves aren’t perfect in nature, so why should they be in my house?) and it’s so precious to hear the things they are thankful for. Sophie’s are a little more long winded than the rest of us (more like a run on sentence than 1-2 words), but still just as sweet.

Our laundry room is awesome and has tons of storage. I had bought some indoor/outdoor fabric several years ago thinking I would recover some chair cushions, but basically got scared and never did it. Little did I know that I would be thankful I was scared back then because I would need it now. There is a cubby in that awesome laundry room that I was able to cover with this fabric and I love it! Of course when you squat down to take a photo at it’s level you realize that it looks like the mustache from The Lorax is in the pattern. Brandon and I laughed because you don’t think that standing up, but when you squat down we have Dr. Seuss in our laundry room.

Last weekend I really wanted to go down to the Navy base to look around. Sophie broke her only pair of flip flops and we couldn’t find any at our base. We were told it was flip flop central down there. So off we went on Saturday afternoon and ended up finding two pairs of shoes for her and not much of anything else. Well, they actually have a lot more there than we do here, but since the kids were with us there was no way to get any Christmas bought without them knowing. We had told them that we would take them to see Wreck It Ralph too and so we grabbed an early dinner at the food court, tried to talk the kids into just going home because Brandon and I were so exhausted, but they really wanted to go. So we headed to the mall and went to the movie. The sign below was on the door into the mall. I thought it was really funny! Most malls tell you no soliciting or skate boarding or smoking, etc. Not here! Apparently it’s kind of like dip. But of course I had no clue. I’m just glad the sign is there now that I know what a Betel nut is!

On Sunday we went to the BX and bought a new tv stand and desk.We really hoped to not need a tv stand and to find a used desk, seeing as how we left/sold both of those items at home (the tv stand was too small anyway), but we had reached the point of not caring and bought them anyway. We spent the rest of the afternoon putting the tv stand together and I have to say, I’m really glad we bought it. I love it! Aren’t you glad when that happens? We also were not happy with the kids rooms and Brandon would sneak off while I was working on the tv stand and took all the doors off their closets. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about everything being exposed, but he was so right! It looked so much more open and since the kids don’t need to hang any of their clothes anyway (well, Sophie has a few dresses, but not enough to matter) their rooms feel so much bigger. So Monday we woke up and went to Kmart to see what we could find as far as storage for Christopher’s room. We found what we needed and went home and put it together. Their rooms aren’t finished yet, but we are basically down to just hanging stuff on the walls now. While we were working in the living room I heard something. The kids stole some of the foam from a box we’d opened and shredded it. I heard the vacuum running and went to see what they were up to. This is what I found them doing. I can’t tell you enough how impressed I am with how clean Christopher is keeping his room. We have made a rule that toys stay in your rooms and it has to be picked up before going to bed. He even cleaned his room without me asking him to! He always finds ways to impress me. I love him!

Here’s Christopher’s closet. It’s just an industrial shelf (like we have in the storage shed) and some baskets that collapse. We figured we could use the shelf in a garage when we move away and he already has a nice bookshelf. And the baskets just happened to be the right size and color. They are empty enough that there is room for more stuff too, which I love! He has changed it up a little everywhere else, but the shelf was all I cared to show right now.

And here’s a corner in Sophie’s room. She loves to play dress up, so I thought a little corner to do this in would be perfect. Again, we have changed things since I took this photo, her dresser is now on the opposite wall and the kitchen is where the dresser is. Like I said, it’s all still a work in progress. And why nothing has been hung up. We’ve been told that everyone gets here and then never really unpacks for about 4 months. I refuse to wait that long. I also lose steam and don’t feel like unpacking anymore. But I can happily say that we are very close!

Sophie really wants to help in the kitchen. And she has become a very good little helper. She has always wanted to help, but wouldn’t stop talking long enough or listen and I was afraid she would get hurt so she was banned. But we have started trying again. We set some rules. Rule #1, she has to talk less. She knows she will be kicked out if she doesn’t listen because Mommy doesn’t want to start dinner all over OR have her get hurt. We wear our aprons and slide our little step stool all over the place. It has been a lot of fun for both of us to do this together.

She also loves to go to the commissary (base grocery store) with me. They have littld kid carts and she usually fills hers up before I am half way through our shopping. It’s closed on Mondays, so sometimes we  go after we take Christopher to school Tuesday morning. She has learned that it’s kind of chilly in there and makes sure that she brings a sweatshirt. We went yesterday and we spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out what to wear. We changed into comfy pants, t-shirt, sweater and a scarf we found a week ago that Grammie had made. She keeps asking when it’s going to get cold enough to need it. She is not happy that we only have warm weather here and keeps asking to go back to Alabama so she can see family and wear winter clothes. 😦 So we have started wearing it in the grocery store. I forgot to get a pic of her though. Here are some other ones that are just as cute. And just so you know, she picked these outfits out all by herself.

Have a happy week!!


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