Our house

Everyone has been asking about what our house looks like. Well, here’s the front of the house. Pretty, huh? 🙂 Everything on the island has to be able to withstand typhoons in case they ever hit. So pretty much every building is a concrete shoebox and has those ugly, but necessary, storm shudders.



Here is the den and the front door is open. I’m standing between the kitchen and the hallway to the bedrooms.


And here’s the den with it’s first train track on the floor. 🙂


Through these arches by the front door is the dining room and to the left you enter the kitchen or go through a door to the right and there is a huge laundry room that leads to the back yard.


This is the sun room off the dining room. There is an open storage space at the top above the windows and it now holds almost all of our Christmas decorations. We are going to hang a curtain over it. Maybe. We want to.


Here is the kitchen (standing in the doorway to the laundry room) and there is a counter across from the sink where all the boxes are and it has a little opening where the kids can sit on the bar stools and eat. I love it because I can feed them breakfast without leaving the kitchen.


Haha!!! I’m not sure why Christopher looks mad here, probably because I’m bothering him by taking photos. He was in heaven on moving day! The kids never got in the way, just kept asking us to open more boxes so they could find whatever toy they hadn’t seen in about 3 months. But this is Christopher’s room facing his closet. The closets are 3 doors wide, but we took one of the doors off in Sophie’s room and stuck her bookcase in it. They have identical rooms and a window across from the closet side. I didn’t get a photo of our room, but it’s a little bigger and has less closet space. Go figure.


Here’s the best I could get of Sophie’s room. I took these with my phone and it’s really hard to take photos inside a house to begin with, but with a phone it feels harder.


And here’s the back of the house. Almost everyone ends up buying a tarp to cover the back patio so you have a nice place to sit and/or the kids can play there when it rains. We are hoping to take one off the hands of someone who is moving. We can’t wait to add this to the house because when it does rain the covered area gets slippery.


That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m still learning how to use this blog, so please forgive me if the photos are all crazy. It has been a very fun and busy weekend and we still didn’t get everything done that we needed to do. I just hope Brandon got his list crossed off. Mine is too long for any human to finish in one weekend. Even a super human like my husband. I’m hoping to post photos about what we did this week/weekend too. I’m trying to get used to life here and the kids being back in school again so I’m not as on top of this as I’d like to be.


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